DAILY DOT’S Claire Goforth Actually Asked If Lydia Brimelow Had An Armed Guard Provided By The Knights Of Columbus
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Here’s something I posted on Gab:


Daily Dot Journo Claire Goforth: I’ve recently been told that Mrs. Brimelow often brings guards from the Knights of Columbus with her when she is in town. Is this claim true?

VDARE.com Editor (and my husband) Peter Brimelow: I am ccing Lydia—but ARE YOU CRAZY? Do you think the Knights of Columbus is a militia group? I guess you’ve been out of Paw Paw for a while, but do you think anyone needs guards in a small WV town? Has it occurred to you that your local informants are hysterical loonies?

Me: It’s the Papal Posse Comitatus, congratulations on smoking out their WV stronghold.

But I’m selective; they must first bring to the Castle a shrubbery that looks nice but not too expensive.

And I do prefer they wear the uniform of the Swiss Guard.

Photo: my escort to the elementary school carpool line.

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