Cracking Down On MS-13 Is "Controversial" Now
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The Main Stream Media was furious at Ed Gillespie during his Virginia gubernatorial run because the candidate drew attention the problem of MS-13 in Northern Virginia.  The gang has been expanding its presence in America, partially because the Obama occupation government thought it would be funny to admit more of them into the United States. But the Trump Administration is cracking down on the gang. Apparently, this is very "controversial" now, because it might lead to illegal immigrants being deported, which can't be allowed.

Federal officials announced Thursday a breakthrough in the fight against MS-13, a gang from El Salvador. Hundreds of accused gang members and associates are under arrest, but its violence is spreading in American neighborhoods.

CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan went to one of the deadliest battlegrounds, Long Island, New York. They've made 345 arrests on Long Island and in the surrounding New York City area since May...

[I]mmigration advocates complain this is simply a backdoor way to enforce a heavy-handed immigration policy. "So the charges of racial profiling you flatly deny?" Brennan asked.

"People can make allegations all day long. I got 20,000 American patriots that work for ICE," [ICE Acting Director Tom] Homan responded. "These are men and women who do their job honorably. They get up every morning, strap a gun to their hip and leave the safety of their homes and their families to protect communities, to protect people they'll never meet and they'll never know."

Homan said the Trump administration is sending the message to Central and South America that if you get past the border, you are not home free. He attributed the recent decrease in southern border crossings to that stance.

[Inside ICE's controversial crackdown on MS-13CBS, November 16, 2017]

Mass immigration is obviously fueling the growth of MS-13. But in the eyes of Main Stream Media, the growth of a violent gang which preys mostly upon minorities is an acceptable price to pay. Indeed, it is "controversial" to try to stop it because that implies immigration laws might actually be enforced.

Immigration is not just the Zeroth Amendment, some inherently right that belongs to the entire world. It apparently is such a preeminent goal of public policy that it even overrides the need to secure public safety.

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