CBP, Animals Shelters On Border Ignore Ban On Dogs From Countries At High Risk For Rabies
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If Treason Lobby refugee workers plant a “migrant” family with a pet dog near you, steer clear. The canine might have rabies. The Biden Regime is permitting border agents, animal shelters, and animal rights activists to skirt federal regulations that prohibit the entry of possibly rabid dogs. 

A “pair of pugs were reunited with their Venezuelan owners once the humans were released from Border Patrol custody this month,” the Border Report’s Julian Resendez reported:

The canines are just some of the pets—including rabbits, among others—that asylum seekers are bringing with them as they cross the Rio Grande from Mexico to El Paso. They get them back if their claims move forward and the pets are healthy. …

The family [was] released by U.S. immigration after a couple of nights’ detention. They were staying at an El Paso hotel when Animal Services gave them back their pugs.

During their two days in custody, an animal rights group raised an undisclosed amount of money for the dogs and their owners to continue their journey to the interior of the United States. The pugs also got vaccinations and a health check.

[Pugs reunited with migrant owners at end of 3,000-mile trek from Venezuela, September 25, 2022]

If that’s accurate, the animal rights and shelter workers, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, are trespassing federal regulations. On June 14, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control suspended the entry of dogs from countries at a high-risk for rabies unless they meet strict criteria [Notice of Temporary Suspension of Dogs Entering the United States from Countries Classified as High Risk for Dog Rabies]. Those high-risk countries include Mexico, Central America, and the rest of the Third World. Oh, and Venezuela, too [High-Risk Countries for Dog Rabies, May, 26, 2022].

On June 10, CDC extended that suspension until January 2023. “Options for bringing dogs from a high-risk country for rabies in the past 6 months will depend on where the dogs’ rabies vaccinations were administered, and the number of dogs being imported,” the extension notice says [What Your Dog Needs To Enter The Country].

Among other requirements, dogs must be vaccinated before they enter the country, and they must arrive at one of 18 airports with a quarantine center.

So Traitor Joe isn’t content with exposing Americans to all the dread diseases that sickly and unvaccinated Third World illegals bring into the country. He’s also exposing Americans and their dogs to rabies-infected pets.

Just hope one doesn’t bite you.

H/T: Border Hawk


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