“Brown-Run Border” Problems: Not Just Corruption, But Incompetence
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There are a lot of problems at the border, not just the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty and the Open Borders that are a part of the immigration law enforcement collapse both at the border and the interior. There is not only the problem of Hispanic corruption at the border, our Brown Run Border, though that is an ongoing and massive problem. There is also the general decline in the competence of the employees in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Not just the Jewish, black, and Hispanic leadership—DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hits two of the three points on that scale. But Mayorkas is not incompetent: he is deliberately acting to destroy our borders. What I want to write about today is incompetence, not malicious and deliberate sabotage of our immigration system.

At our border, aliens and cargo seeking entry to the United States are the purview of a component of DHS, U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP). CBP’s mission is to inspect arriving persons and cargo and determine admissibility to the United States. This means determining the citizenship, alienage, and admissibility of persons seeking to enter the United States and for which purpose that person can be admitted.

Now, generally American citizens returning to the United States are examined and aliens inspected. Those examinations and inspections are conducted by an immigration officer, usually a Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO), though certain other classes of immigration officers may conduct examinations and inspections. Examination and inspection are technical terms in immigration law, but for non-specialists, the process is the same; a CBPO conducts a brief interview and review of documents, then makes a determination about citizenship, alienage, and admissibility.

For the great majority of returning American citizens and aliens seeking admission, the process is brief and results in entry to the United States. CBPOs at land borders and airports conduct hundreds of examinations and inspections every day, the vast majority resulting in the entry of the person seeking admission. It can be a physically and mentally demanding profession, especially since the amount of mind-numbing repetition of the job drains one.

Almost all of that work is conducted in what is called primary inspection, where the vast majority of admissions are performed. However, if there are issues, either concerning citizenship and alienage, as well as admissibility, that is where the real enforcement occurs during enforcement at a Port-of-Entry (POE). Secondary Inspection is where removals of aliens occur, as well as investigations of criminal violations of the immigration laws of the United States.

While most people are familiar with the usual problem of aliens using fraudulent documents to effect entry to the United States, there is a small subset of criminal laws that deal with American citizens who use fraudulent documents. Most of those are criminals and others who fraudulently obtain U.S. passports in an effort to change their identities.

This is a real problem, generally caused by lax application of procedures for the source documents for passports, such as state driver’s licenses and the issuance of birth certificates by counties. However, the Department of State (DOS) Passport Agencies and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offices that take passport applications have their own problems with incompetence and corruption, making U.S. passports problematic.

However, there is a growing class of disaffected Americans involved with the Sovereign Citizen movement, which has a growing side industry of fraudulent documents, including passports, identity cards, and birth certificates. In general, these Sov Cits think there are different classes of either citizenship or nationality and they have the secret information that grants special or secret rights, including being free from arrest or detention by any law enforcement in the United States, as well as the right to travel across borders with complete immunity. Generally they use some word salad about the difference between citizenship and nationality or claim there is a citizenship and nationality different from other citizenship and nationality based on the 14th Amendment or a national citizenship derived from state citizenship. Now, we all know this is nonsense, but they’ve convinced themselves.

Usually this is more of a problem for police officers who stop these morons driving without licenses. YouTube is filled with these encounters. Interestingly, some get away with their nonsense, usually because of lazy and ignorant cops, but one would think a CBPO would have the training and experience to deal with such legal nonsense. While immigration law can be very complicated, that is usually only with alienage and admissibility of aliens; citizenship law is quite simple and clear.

All persons born in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction are citizens and nationals, Title 8 United States Code, Section 1401. Basically, citizenship and nationality are the same thing, with a minor exception: persons born or naturalized in American Samoa and the Swains Islands are only nationals of the United States, with the only difference being that such nationals cannot vote in elections outside American Samoa and the Swains Islands. This is related to the treaty of acquisition by the United States, which recognized the traditional authorities of the clan chiefs in Samoa and has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

When entering the United States, whether by plane or crossing the land border, all persons are required to present certain documents. In the case of American citizens in general a passport is required to establish identity and citizenship. There are other requirements for aliens. There are limited exceptions, such as a Passport Identity Card, certain documents issued by DHS to frequent land border crossers, and an Enhanced Driver’s License issued by a limited number of states in coordination with DHS and in compliance with Federal law.

However, there is growing problem with Sov Cit–produced documents such as ID cards, passports, and birth certificates being used at our borders. This is where the Brown Run Border is becoming a problem. These Sov Cits are using their fraudulent documents to enter the United States. While these Sov Cits are not a great problem, it is only a matter of time before cartels, alien smugglers, and terrorists begin to exploit the problem: the low IQ of CBPOs. And we have an example. A group of Sov Cits, apparently two adults and a child, were able to bamboozle a low IQ Hispanic CBPO into entering the United States with fake documents.

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this CBPO should not have even discussed, as he did, these documents. He should have recognized the documents these Sov Cits presented as fraudulent and immediately seized the documents and escorted the group to secondary, if not removed both adults from the vehicle, at gun point if necessary, and handcuffed them.

All American citizens who want to enter the United States must first present documentary proof of citizenship and identity before they can be admitted. These three, two adults and a minor, did not. It used to be that an American citizen could make an oral declaration of citizenship when crossing the land border, and generally, before the Homeland Security Act, an American citizen entering the United States from Mexico and Canada was only required to have identification and copy of their birth certificate showing birth in the United States. That was ended, though, and a passport is required—but apparently not required if you claim you aren’t a citizen, but a State National.

It is sad to see that the Brown Run Border is not only corrupt, but just plain dumb. This CBPO stated that he knew the information these Sov Cits were presenting was unknown to him according to his training, but he let them in the United States anyway. It looks like open borders is creating a real Idiocracy. Please feel free to report such criminal action by the CBPO to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General here or CBP Office of Professional Responsibility here.


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