Blacks As Schrödinger's Race
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iSteve commenter Irish Paleo writes:

A concept I’ve tried (with little success) to popularise is that of blacks as Schrödinger’s race—i.e. blacks, uniquely among human populations, are permitted to exist in two opposite and mutually contradictory conditions at the same time, so long as the consequence of this logically impossible duality is getting money or resources from whites or anyone deemed “white adjacent”.

A few examples:

1. Problem: Blacks are entitled to live in areas in which they form a super-majority, so that they can dominate the culture and political system and vote for policies that are generally parasitic and extractive. However, they are simultaneously entitled to live in areas with white majorities, so that there is a base of wealth to extract.

Solution: White gentrifiers must not have families or live in single family homes so that they vote for the Black Party (i.e. the Donkeys) and give black urban minorities the kind of government they want.

2. Problem: As a corollary of 1 above, when whites leave a black neighbourhood, this results in segregation, which is BAD. When whites move into black areas, this is called gentrification, which is also BAD.

Solution: If “white flight” denies blacks the whites and Asians they need to fund their local tax base, the Federal Government must step in and compensate them from the general taxation pool. On the other hand, when whites move in and a place becomes more residentially desirable and blacks get priced out, blacks need to get compensatory housing subsidies to allow them to keep living in their neighbourhoods.

3. Problem: Blacks are entitled to special preferences in hiring and education policy— i.e. affirmative action must exist. However, all blacks who are hired or admitted pursuant to affirmative action policies must, by definition, be merit hires who are just as able and perspicacious as their white counterparts—i.e. affirmative action must not exist.

Solution: Democrats must advocate affirmative action and denounce as racist anyone who objects. Meanwhile, Republicans must be prohibited from noticing that affirmative action exists and tarred as bigots whenever they do. Classic example—2008: “Vote Obama—America needs a black president”; 2009: “What do you mean Obama won the presidency because he’s black? Are you some kind of racist?”

4. Problem: When blacks don’t get a WalMart or a Costco in their neighborhoods, they live in “food deserts” which is racist. On the other hand, when Koreans etc. open convenience stores in black neighbourhoods, it’s racist that they aren’t owned by blacks—which presumably means that it’s racist to have white owned WalMarts etc. in black neighbourhoods.

Solution: Give blacks more money and start writing policy papers to be published five years hence when it will be necessary to explain why the fact that all the money that was spent on weed, menthol cigarettes and watermelon flavoured Jolly Ranchers was really caused by racist white Juju that can only be extirpated withe even more cash.

5. Problem: When blacks don’t get mortages, they are being denied the right to “build wealth”. When lending standards are lowered to let them into the housing market, the inevitable spate of defaults becomes proof of “predatory lending”.

Solution: Hard to tell due to a paucity of history but the plan appears to be: First lower lending standards; then expand rent subsidies when it all goes wrong; then once enough time has elapsed for people to forget about the last bubble and crash, lower lending standards again; finally, rinse and repeat, over and over again.

6. Problem: When whites do not engage with rap, hip hop etc., they are being racist (e.g. Al Sharpton’s bitter moaning about Michael Jackson not getting enough MTV airtime in the 1980s). However, when they do so engage, they are engaged in “cultural appropriation”—which is also bad.

Solution: More jobs for black journalists and HR ladies who like to talk about their hair.

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