Blackalaureate: 50 Years Ago, They Would Have Called It Racist
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Paul Mirengoff at Powerline points to a photo essay from the National Association of Scholars about Brown University's "Blackalaureate" ceremony, meaning the self-segregation of blacks into their own graduation ceremony.

I didn't know that whites, since 1979, have been forced to march behind blacks and other minorities during real commencement. Guess we were sent to back of the bus. Even more intriguing, Asians aren't considered minorities. They don't get to march with the blacks, Latinos and other "peoples of color." I guess they aren't colored enough.

Anyway, Mirengoff tossed off this line:

NAS is conducting a research project on neo-segregation on campus. Self-segregation by black students undercuts to a significant degree the diversity rationale for race-based admission preferences. The less black students interact with their white counterparts, the less benefit white students accrue from the presence of blacks — though I suppose, in theory, whites might gain some insight from the fact that blacks want little to do with them.
The so-called “diversity rationale” was Justice Lewis Powell’s dictum in Bakke that anti-white discrimination was permissible because education would somehow suffer in campus with few or no blacks. Of course the benefits of “diversity” are mostly imaginary—and the downsides are very real. My sons and daughters can do quite well without those "benefits."

But back to the separate-but-equal blackalaureate. Some Southerners were suggesting something similar back in the 1950s. But they were called racists.

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