Black Conquers Asian At Smithsonian. ASK GOP Regents Why Not A WHITE Women’s Museum Director?
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As I predicted on April 26 in Smithsonian Dumping Nancy Yao For Black/Lesbian Women’s Museum Director? Why Not A White?, the Smithsonian has reneged on its hiring of Nancy Yao to head the new American Women’s History Museum. With equally predictable slovenliness this decision was not announced for over two months after the Washington Post launched the ouster campaign on April 20th. However, the Smithsonian PR flacks did have the skill to make the announcement in the midst of the long weekend: Nancy Yao out as Smithsonian women’s history museum boss, by Manuel Roig-Franzia, July 5, 2023.

Judging by the various accounts of this event, absolutely nothing more substantial has emerged since the initial smears.

  • Yao was caught in the crossfire between Chinese community activists and the de Blasio administration about land use in Chinatown. This was well known to the initial Search Committee.
  • She did not roll over and capitulate to some sexual harassment complaints involving the Museum of Chinese in America, which she headed for eight years. These were settled for trivial amounts.

I refuse to believe that the initial search, conducted according to the Washington Post by the very capable Russell Reynolds Associates, did not bring all these matters to the attention of the Smithsonian. Furthermore, as the Post reports Yao plaintively texted:

“any allegations can be made without proof,” warned about sources who “collude, muck rake, and falsify” and described the settlements as “nuisance agreements.”

Yao of course says she is withdrawing for family reasons. I hope she got a good settlement.

What happened here is clear: the Black Cabal which controls the Smithsonian had second thoughts about giving this, probably the juiciest plum in the Museum world for years, to go to anyone other than a fellow Black. Straws in the wind indicating this are a completely gratuitous paean of praise in the WaPo story to  

Smithsonian Secretary [CEO] Lonnie G. Bunch III, [who] led the development of the hugely successful National Museum of African American History and Culture in the years before its 2016 opening.


The Smithsonian has appointed Melanie Adams, the … director of the Anacostia Community Museum, to serve as interim director... The current interim director, Lisa Sasaki, is being transferred to another, yet-to-be-disclosed Smithsonian leadership post.

Lisa Sasaki has been interim director since March 2021. Shuffling her aside with nowhere else to go—and just for a few months—is peculiar. However, she is of Japanese ethnicity.

Melanie Adams is—surprise!—Black. Looks like Open Season on Asians at the Smithsonian. Very likely, Adams has the inside track for the permanent appointment.

The objective fact is that any American Women’s History Museum has to be primarily about the achievements of white women. The Black female “contribution” is absurdly overblown antiquarianism—see Steve Sailer’s "The Mother of Modern Medicine." The contribution of Asian women to U.S. history (as opposed, perhaps to America today) is essentially nonexistent.

The Smithsonian, the world’s largest museum group, is under Minority Occupation Government. Blacks are 25% of the governing Board of Regents, twice their proportion of the population. A similar pattern is developing amongst the employees. As far as I can see, even Jews are excluded.

However, even in a racial spoils system, one Race cannot expect everything.

After all, as I discussed with an Unz reader, there are plenty of nutcase Leftist White women about, even of Historic American descent. Giving way on a racial appointment need not influence the Smithsonian’s political complexion.

I repeat, as I said in Tell GOP Regents To Defend White America At Minority-Occupied Smithsonian Museum:

I suggest that readers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Nebraska take the time to ask their Congresscritters on the Board of Regents what they are doing to protect the interests of the Historic American Nation at the Smithsonian, which was founded exclusively by their ancestors.

How about asking them to find the ethnicity of H2 2023 new Professionals hired at the Smithsonian?


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