"Biden’s Bold Immigration Plan Would Really Put America First"—How About Putting AMERICANS First?
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Earlier, July 2016: NYT Complains Trump Doesn't Respect the Narrative: "Under His Presidency, the American Dream Would be Primarily Reserved for Americans."

From the Washington Post Editorial Board

Biden’s bold immigration plan would really put America first

“A Place for Everyone in America:” Of course, there are a lot of everyones in this world, about 7.5 billion Pre-Americans. But there is a place for all of them in Joe Biden’s America.

Opinion by Editorial Board
Jan. 21, 2021 at 10:57 a.m. PST

PRESIDENT BIDEN has served notice that his ambitious immigration plan is in the first rank of his priorities. Some of his program will be immediately implementable; some may get bogged down in Congress, where many Republicans will regard it as an occasion to brandish the word “amnesty,” red meat for their bases.

As commenter Reg Caesar points out, “amnesty” is the wrong word, not because it’s too strong but because it’s too weak. An amnesty means you won’t get punished for breaking the law but you still have to obey the law. What Biden is proposing is that not only won’t lawbreakers be punished, they get to keep on breaking the law, and they get rewarded with citizenship.

… Mr. Biden has laid out an immigration program that would genuinely put America first.

The phrase should not be “America First,” it should be “Americans First.” Immigration hypesters and neocon invade the worlders love to distract us poor dumb Americans into thinking about “America” as something that needs to benefit rather than Americans.

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