Biden Administration Hiding Numbers Of The "Other" Illegals: Visa Overstayers Who Stay To Steal And Sometimes Kill
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While the illustration for this Free Beacon report is one of a mob scene on the Rio Grande, the actual story the Biden Administration is hiding is about visa overstayers, people who come in legally, but don't leave:

Here's the story:

Biden Admin Withholds Report on Illegal Immigrant Population

By Joseph Simonson, November 29, 2021
The Biden administration has yet to publicly disclose critical information on the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, a violation of congressional guidance and a departure from federal transparency standards.

The Department of Homeland Security has given Congress its report on the number of foreign nationals who remain in the United States on expired visas, but the information has not been subsequently released to the public, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. Stretching back to at least the Obama administration, DHS has made the annual report on suspected visa overstays available to the public shortly after giving it to Congress.

Requests for comment to various agencies within DHS on the report went unanswered. Congress has mandated that the report is released online to the public, out of concern that "the large number of annual in-country alien overstays threatens national security and the integrity of legal immigration."

The Biden administration's failure to post the report comes as it faces an all-time high surge of migrants on the southern border. DHS has repeatedly failed to answer lawmaker questions about the criminal histories of migrants allowed entry or where those migrants have been resettled.

The failure to post the report is consistent with the administration's dramatic changes to avoid stigmatizing the illegal immigrant population, such as banning the term alien from federal government literature, according to former immigration officials.

"For whatever reason, it appears political appointees are not disclosing a report produced by career subject matter experts," said former Immigration and Customs Enforcement senior adviser Jon Feere. "It's consistent with the Biden administration's general hostility to transparency."

"The Biden policies are a slap in the face to all State Department employees—the message is that all foreigners can ignore visa adjudicators and stay as long as they'd like," Feere said. More

The thing is, the amount of legal immigration (which is what Alien Nation was about in the 90s) is wildly out of control, the border is out of control, and in addition to that, people on B-1 and B-2 visas who say they're here for a week on business, or to attend a funeral or a wedding are just not going home.

These people are a lot of the allegedly 11 million illegals, and they come from countries where you can't wade to America.  Some of them just wind up working at underpaid jobs, displacing Americans who could have taken such jobs.

But frequently they're terrorists, Saudi Arabia being one of the places you can't wade to the US from, and sometimes they're mass murderers, as Kenyan Billy Chemirmir is alleged to be:

And the Biden administration doesn't want you to know how bad the situation is.

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