Beltway Right Heritage Foundation Challenges Smithsonian Racism—To Benefit HISPANIC Conservatives
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We at VDARE really got interested in the Smithsonian Museum operation (the largest in the world) in March: Nancy Yao—Face Of The Great Replacement At Increasingly Anti-White SmithsonianMarch 21, 2023.

I said that the appointment of a first-generation Chinese immigrant with no evident American History credentials to run the new Smithsonian American Women's History Museum

…is a vicious insult to the probably thousands of better qualified White women, particularly of Founding Stock origin. They might reasonably have expected to head this major institution, which if it has any intellectual integrity at all, has to be primarily about the activities of their ancestors.

Subsequently however, the Black Cabal which controls the Smithsonian counterattacked and Nancy Yao was executed on spurious grounds: Black Conquers Asian At Smithsonian. ASK GOP Regents Why Not A WHITE Women’s Museum Director?, July 11, 2023.

I observed:

The Smithsonian, the world’s largest museum group, is under Minority Occupation Government. Blacks are 25% of the governing Board of Regents, twice their proportion of the population. A similar pattern is developing amongst the employees. As far as I can see, even Jews are excluded.

Dead silence of course until—

Don’t make taxpayers fund Smithsonian’s Marxist Latino museum

By Alfonso Aguilar, Mike Gonzalez, and Joshua Treviño, The Hill, September 5, 2023

One year ago, in an op-ed in The Hill [The Smithsonian’s Latino exhibit is a disgrace, August 11, 2022] we denounced the first-ever exhibit of the Smithsonian Museum of the American Latino, “Presente! A Latino History of the United States,” for its blatantly Marxist narrative of the experiences of Hispanics in America…

“Presente!” is not an atypical abomination. It is exactly what one can expect now from the Smithsonian and other museums.

The Latino Museum, through its first exhibit, is already pushing a Marxist portrayal of Hispanics, reducing their history to racism, colonialism, and a “struggle for justice” in support of a progressive agenda.

For the Beltway Right Heritage Foundation to allow a discussion of the reality of intra-ethnic controversy is refreshing. Mike Gonzalez (right, a typical white Cuban) also posted another valuable piece which I only found via How the Left Captured the Newest Smithsonian Museums, Washington Examiner, August 11,2023.

(I have a Google News Alert set on “Smithsonian.” But Google evidently will not carry material from many apparently mainstream sources. Of course, they stopped picking up VDARE articles years ago.)

There is a massive row going on between Hispanic conservatives and Leftists. Support for the former is very pleasant to see.

But when will the Beltway Right support the Historic American Nation, i.e., whites?

Or the GOP Smithsonian Regents for that matter? I repeat—Tell GOP Regents To Defend White America At Minority-Occupied Smithsonian Museum!

American domestic politics are now about the division of ethnic spoils. And, whether it likes it or not (it doesn’t), the GOP is the Generic American Party.

I suggest that readers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Nebraska take the time to ask their Congresscritters on the Board of Regents what they are doing to protect the interests of the Historic American Nation at the Smithsonian, which was founded exclusively by their ancestors.

How about asking them to find the ethnicity of H1 2023 new professionals hired at the Smithsonian?


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