Beautiful White Female TikTok Star Labeled Racist for Calling Out "Seasoning Police" (I.E., Black People)
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“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”—Dune

Going a little old school, Stuff Black People Don’t Like: Being Dubbed the “Seasoning Police” by a beautiful white girl on TikTok…

Woman under fire after calling out critics: ‘Seasoning police just sounds a little racist,’ Yahoo!, March 21, 2023

A woman on TikTok is under fire after calling out the critics of her most recent food video.

Zoe Barrie (@zoebarrie) is a food creator who posted a video of her making dinner for her family, which included chicken, beer bread and a vegetable-packed marinara sauce. She showed the step-by-step process, but some people weren’t happy with some of her choices.

She showed herself putting chicken into the pan, which some people had some comments about.

“Not a salt or pepper fleck?” asked @chantelly.

“A little salt and pepper to the chicken to get the bland meat flavor out but otherwise good,” said @that_girlnene.

Barrie responded to several such comments saying she used a heavy amount of salt on the chicken. However, she then proceeded to make a follow-up video addressing her detractors.

“I just don’t know who the seasoning police are,” said @loammiririchardson. “I’m curious who is because the only people that I know season their food don’t look like her. …I don’t know. Seasoning police sounds a little racist.”

Richardson isn’t the only person to feel this way.

Watch the video here.

For decades (post–Civil Rights Act of 1964), smart people spend every waking moment trying to insulate themselves from the “Seasoning Police.” In one hilarious TikTok video, an amateur white female chef has given us a new name for the blacks (h/t Donald Trump).

Just another reminder in the Spice Wars, white people will always be called racist for daring to come up with euphemisms for blacks.

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