Bari Weiss's Old Religion of Race
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Bari Weiss is much in the news for having resigned as an op-ed editor of the New York Times to promote free speech. Here’s her resignation letter.

Here’s my favorite Bari Weiss tweet, in which the lesbian warrioress against Cancel Culture and for Israel takes a stand in favor of Blot Out Culture:

As I wrote in 2019:

While Ms. Weiss’ obsession with smiting the Old Testament Amalekites and those she deems their descendants might seem eccentric, her general thrust is simply giving voice to the true progressive spirit of 2019: People I hate today are the vile heirs to the evil people my ancestors hated long ago and they deserve to pay for their race’s sins and privileges.

And then there’s this tweet:

I’m not exactly sure what Ms. Weiss is implying by her response to the Ambassador’s admirable sentiment, but if I were Steve Bannon, well, I wouldn’t drink from a glass from her hand.

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