Are Whites Now Worse Drivers Than Latinos?
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The semi-official Governors Highway Safety Association released a report last month on traffic fatalities per 100,000 from 2015-2019 (thus leaving out the big increase in the black death rate that began in June 2020):

An Analysis of Traffic Fatalities by Race and Ethnicity

Whites appear to now be worse drivers than Hispanics, which is interesting. I can recall Thomas Sowell remarking many decades ago about how many Mexican-American males were killed drunk driving for macho reasons. (On the other hand, lady Latinos tend to be pretty meek and mild — e.g., they have quite low murder rates.)

The GHSA reports summarize some previous research back into the 1990s, which usually saw Hispanic males with high traffic death rates.

One methodological issues is that this is per capita not per mile driven. If per capita whites drive a lot more miles than Latinos, then whites might not be worse per mile driven.

It’s surprisingly hard to find estimates of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) per capita by race. But the Rand Corporation in 2013 said Hispanics drive the most VMT. Another graph from 2009 suggests whites drive more, but it’s pretty close.

So it looks like Hispanics have improved as drivers in recent years. Good for them.

In general, whites appear to be pretty bad drivers these days, almost as bad as blacks (at least before the Racial Reckoning) and worse than Hispanics. And the white vs. Asian gap is just terrible.

Do better.

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