50K Illegals Massed At The Border. Mayorkas Lies, Says U.S. Is Enforcing Immigration Laws
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The “mass migration event” the Biden Regime predicted, and frankly planned by declaring it would end Title 42 public-health expulsions, is upon us. Some 50,000 “migrants” are massed at the border just waiting for the chance to swarm across, overwhelm the Border Patrol, and declare squatter’s rights. They  know they will be released. They know they will never be deported. Border agents are releasing 2,500 illegals every day. Meanwhile, Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban-Jewish immigrant who was caught finagling visas for rich foreigners, actually looked into a camera and flat-out lied. He said the United States is enforcing its immigration laws. Any lie will do if it helps push ahead the Great Replacement.

“As many as 50,000 migrants are waiting in Mexican shelters for a chance to cross the border, hoping to run out the clock on Title 42, the COVID-era rule limiting entry to the U.S.,” Axios ported after reviewing “internal documents,” apparently from the Homeland Security Department:

That’s double the estimate from back in March. …

The administration's internal data now counts about 8,000 people attempting to cross the southwest border each day — an enormous number.

It reflects growing numbers of migrants from Cuba, Colombia, Haiti and Peru as well as traditional centers of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico.

Documents show Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) releasing roughly 1,200 migrant adults and 1,300 family members into the U.S. every day. …

Border Patrol recently has had to release dozens of migrants directly into El Paso communities as non-governmental organizations who typically take in migrants have been at capacity, according to one of the documents viewed by Axios.

Recent reports show shelters on both sides of the border reaching capacity, in locations including Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

[Scoop: Tens of thousands of migrants waiting on U.S. doorstep, by Stef Knight, May 25 2022].

The response from Mayorkas: “The United States continues to enforce its immigration laws … restrictions at our Southwest border have not changed.”

That is completely and utterly false, as the daily releases cited by Axios show. And he knows it. The law requires illegal aliens to be detained.

Biden and Mayorkas are refusing to enforce at last two laws and are probably breaking a third.

But just remember that diversity is our strength! Cultural enrichment is coming. And The Great Replacement is a “white nationalist conspiracy theory.”

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