By Reader on 02/20/2024

A Reader Questions The Stupid Party's Choice Of Mazi Pilip In A Local New York Race

Re: Biden, MSM Planning Border Deception—But Trump Can Crush Them On Immigration From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him] Tom Suozzi, the Dem who beat Mazi Pilip, was a hometown boy who had held t...
By Reader on 02/08/2024

A Texas Reader Is Unimpressed By The Vibrancy Of Mexican Taco Stand Cuisine—Because It May Involve Dog Meat

Re: James Fulford's blog post Will Stancil's Taco Fetish—He Doesn't Know (And Wouldn't Admit) That Immigrants Don't Know About The Germ Theory Of Disease From: A Texan Reader [Email him] I once lived i...