Raoul Lowery Contreras Says Peter Brimelow Continues To Piss Him Off; Brimelow Replies
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January 09, 2005

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A Former Chicagoan Remembers The Former Chicago Tribune

From: Raoul Lowery Contreras:

Re: You continue to piss me off

I'm tired of your trashy reference to me "bumming" a copy of Alien Nation.  Your publisher's rep contacted me for an address to send a release form.  She told me that as you were planning to quote me extensively, I would get a free copy of the book.  When I saw you at KOGO [radio, San Diego], that copy had not arrived. It arrived about the same time as the copy I asked you for.

So, knock it off.

Peter Brimelow replies: My recollection is that professional media Hispanic Raoul Lowery Contreras did indeed ask me for a free copy of Alien Nation, and I think a careful reading of his letter confirms that. Who cares? The world would come to an end if journalists had to pay for books.

Raoul is not popular among immigration reformers because of his emotionalism and violent language. But I want the record to show that he wrote me instantly when my wife Maggy died—unlike Bill Buckley and Steve Forbes, from whom, despite many years of wage slavery, I have yet to hear.

I am sorry if my teasing offends Raoul. All I can say is he should try being on the other side!

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