An Australian Reader Reports The Australian Cricket Team Did NOT Bend The Knee To Black Lives Matter
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From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

Given up on woke, knee-taking Big Sport?  Why not try, instead, barracking for Australia in international cricket!  Last Friday, the Australian cricket team emerged from a five-month virus hiatus to play arch rival England and did not bend the knee in the ritualistic BLM pantomime.

After England and the West Indies had both done the knee thing and wore “Black Lives Matter” logos on their shirts in their recent Test series (in the cause of “eradicating racial prejudice,” as their PR flunkeys dutifully scripted it), the (white) Australian and (mostly white) English teams agreed they would give it a miss.

Perhaps, through the aid of greater distance and time, they just got sick of the whole thing, or have been repulsed, as normal people would be, by the criminal violence of St. George, his BLM looters and their Antifa goons, the angelic luster of their peaceful rioting and dignified arson wearing off.

Perhaps, too, because there are so few Australian blacks in top-flight cricket whose victimological sensitivities require obsessive pandering.  There have only been two Australian Aborigines to have ever played at the elite level—Jason “Dizzy” Gillespie and Dan Christian, both of whom, as Steve Sailer mischievously writes of the latter, are typical of those whiter shade of pale Aborigines who pass unremarkably as white but claim the right, under the “Drop of Blood” theory, to be “proudly” Aboriginal, and with it the right to be offended when people question the claim.

 Of course, cricket, with its five-day Test matches that often end in draws, and with more time being spent with nothing happening than any sporting action, may not be to the liking of  American sports nuts (having watched an English county cricket match for several hours whilst visiting that country, Groucho Marx, when asked by his host, “Are you enjoying it?”, replied, “It”s great. When does it start?”) but, hey, Australian cricket will at least be woke-free.

 Phil Shannon is a veteran Australian working class socialist, a latter-day supporter and a cricket tragic.


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