A Talk Radio Listener Says GOP Senate Candidates In GA Are Awful, Not Hitting Immigration Issue At All
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

I just heard a report on the GA debates by a conservative news analyst from Atlanta on the Brian Kilmeade Show. Perdue didn't show up for his debate, giving Ossoff an hour of free time to answer softball questions.
In the contested debate, both candidates were awful, but Kelly Loeffler was worse. She looked horrible, as stiff as a board, failed to answer questions, and kept repeating a few bland, memorized phrases. Warnoclk looked much better on TV than Loeffler, but he also failed to answer questions and lied. However, Loeffler failed to go after him.
Kilmeade noted that he couldn't understand why Kemp appointed Loeffler instead of Congressman Doug Collins, who he said is an excellent speaker.
James Fulford writes: The Loeffler appointment in 2019 was a case of Kemp "defying" Trump, who wanted Collins. Loeffler is a female candidate, and as Washington Watcher II put it.
Just as Stupid Party consultants think pandering to blacks will win the black vote, they believe nominating female candidates will win among “suburban women.” And so the party routinely picks terrible candidates, who just happen to be tight as a tick with the GOP ruling class elites—such as Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, another creation of the GOP Brain Trust.

See McSally Debacle Discrediting GOP’s Women Strategy—Just Campaign On Immigration Moratorium! and Big Surprise—Insider Trading Senators Burr (NC) And Loeffler (GA) Both Immigration Wimps.

For the record, Washington Watcher II watched the Loeffler-Warnock debate, and saw no reference to immigration.


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