A Reader Suggests A New Word For A New America: Melaninocracy
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Re: Biden Nominates HBD True Believer (Who Tried To Cancel VDARE.com) To Head DoJ's Civil Rights Division

From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

We may have a chance to actually coin a word.

Feeding the word "meritocracy" into Google's N-gram tool, it first emerges in 1866, then usage ramps up during 1955. (Michael Young's The Rise of the Meritocracy was published in 1958.)

Next word into the N-gram was "melanin." N-gram shows small usage of the word back to 1800. It begins to ramp up around 1848, possibly due to the Swedish chemist Berzelius working with a dark pigment extracted from eye membranes.

Which leads us to today. Looking at VDARE articles on so-called "critical race theory" and related articles, I hereby freely admit my guilt of noticing. I notice a recognizable pattern that anything considered "White" is rubber-stamped to have negative worth.

Hence, I propose we coin a word: Melaninocracy. (It does not register on N-gram so maybe it is not yet used, don't know for certain.)

A pattern has emerged that the powers that be are replacing whatever "meritocracy" existed with a peculiar institution we can label: "Melaninocracy."

That is, anything not-White is reflexively assigned greater worth in comparison to anything perceived to be White.

Even so, the word "Melaninocracy" is stained with an original sin that a White guy appears responsible for the modern use of the word melanin. A Swedish White guy. Of those dreaded North-Western Europeans. Possibly he was (gasp) blond-haired and blue-eyed.

However, the raw brute forces of Cultural-Marxism may impose its use anyway to give hope for a new-born word, "Melaninocracy."

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