A Reader Reports NR's David French In Full Cuckservative Flight After BLM Attacks On Police
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s article Cuckservatives, Including Newt Gingrich, Call Retreat After Dallas. Will Trump?

 From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

After the Islamic terrorist attack in Nice, France and the wave of anti-police violence that started with the slaughter of five police officers at a Black Lives Matter event in Dallas, TX I feel relieved that Bill Kristol’s true “conservative”, National Review writer David French, never ran for president.  Why?  Because his equivocating and relativistic positions on critical, life and death issues provide no confidence that he would firmly counter the evils that threaten to destroy Western Civilization.

French has an enlightened view of the thuggish, racist, anti-white, Black Lives Matter group, specifically that the majority of its members are really not so bad, [Black Lives Matter: Radicals Using Moderates to Help Tear America Apart, July 11, 2016] and like President Obama, he wants Trump and conservatives to refrain from what Obama called “divisive rhetoric”.

Condemning the evil men and women who affiliate themselves with Black Lives Matter – people who tweet out applause for cop-killings – should not stop us from acknowledging that movement’s many more protesters who abhor violence and weep sincerely for the police lives lost last night.


Be humble enough to highlight truth and virtue on the other side – and to criticize wrongdoing on your own side.

America Is Driving toward the Abyss, and It’s Time We Hit the Brakes, | National Review, July 8, 2016

Conversely, French criticizes Donald Trump for his aggressive tactics in dealing with Political Correctness and the issues of the day:
This is the ethos of Donald Trump and his most loyal supporters: Infuriate your foe, never back down from a fight, and never, ever apologize. Donald Trump Confirms Progressives' Worst Anti-Conservative Prejudices,  July 12, 2016
So what is wrong with that…does French even want to win a battle, or does he just want to make friends with our adversaries?  To be accurate David French does attack the Left, however his pathological obsession with equivocation presents a significant risk in a national leadership position.  I concur with James Kirkpatrick that French is a cuckservative, and that he was even considered as presidential material is an indication of how degenerate mainstream conservatism has become.
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