A Reader Reports Ecuadorian Whining About American Retirees—WE Are Using THEIR Healthcare
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From: Another Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I couldn't help but notice this article from Breitbart on Friday:

U.S. Baby Boomer Gentrification Wreaks Havoc on City in Socialist Ecuador

By Frances Martel, June 8, 2017

The small city of Cuenca, Ecuador is struggling to address a growing wave of American “Baby Boomers” who have decided to retire there to take advantage of a socialist welfare state designed for its locals.

U.S. retirees, a recent city study revealed, are also causing conflict in the city, raising real estate prices, demanding English-language service, and threatening to sue locals accustomed to more “casual” business contracts.

In a report this week, the Miami Herald highlights the blissful existence of upper-class white American migrants who have flocked to Cuenca, attracted by retiree blogs and news sites that emphasize the appeal of its temperate weather and inexpensive healthcare and real estate.

“In Cuenca, a city of about 350,000 people, they’ve found robust public transportation, an extensive museum network, solid healthcare and markets bursting with fresh fruits and produce,” the Herald notes. [ Retirees flock to Latin America to live an upper-class lifestyle on $1,500 a month, By Jim Wyss, June 3, 2017] [More]

Now isn't this just the most interesting thing ever?  I can't help but NOT be sorry for any Latin American country that exported its poor north to the U.S. when it starts to complain about the reverse effect caused by our Boomers moving south.

James Fulford writes: The Ecuadorians are right that the retirees, though their money comes in from outside the country, are essentially parasitic on the previous investment in the socialized healthcare system. This is much, much truer of the millions of Latin Americans who move to the United States, legally and illegally, but it’s racist  to use the word parasite about  Latin American immigrants.



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