A Reader Reminds Us How Relevant Lawrence Auster's Book OUR BORDERS, OURSELVES Is To The Biden Border Treason
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From: Kidist Paulos Asrat [Email her]

I am rereading (now for the third time) Larry Auster’s formidable Our Borders, Ourselves: America in the Age of Multiculturalism, published in 2019, four years ago.

Therefore, I am confused as to why Patrick Cleburne’s article Patrick Cleburne: My Correspondents Say Darien Gap Immvaders Better Than Other Illegals. I Say: SO WHAT? makes no mention of Mr. Auster’s chapter, accounts, and insights on the 1924 Immigration Act.

VDare published this book, with the work and assistance of Laura Wood, of The Thinking Housewife, and whom I will be bold enough to say I supported in my limited and sincere capacity. 

Why would VDare’s ample and erudite online editors not catch this important addition to the American immigration saga?

And why not use it as an opportunity to promote, advertise and revive this book, which in my view is an American classic?

Kidist Paulos Asrat blogs at Reclaiming Beauty: Saving Our Western Civilization. See a previous letter from her here

Patrick Cleburne writes: I miss Larry Auster, and his illimitable polemical energy. We noted a fine example in Auster On Bloomberg And The Insane Fears Of Jewish Narcissists.”

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