A Reader Is Unsurprised That The ”Pentagon Official” Arrested For Dogfighting Is Black
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From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

When I saw the headline I immediately thought, “black” [ Pentagon official charged with participating in dog fighting ring, by Tom Jackman, Dan Lamothe, MSN (Washington Post), October 3, 2023]. I was right. (Pictured right, Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr., 62, of Arnold, Md.) Why? Because all of those arrested in the past on animal abuse charges, i.e., dog fighting, have been black.

You can bet this one will drop from the media in a week or so. Even the “animal rights” lobby will give him a pass and the bogus “civil rights” fraud gang will cite “racism” as the cause or for not understanding why blacks engage in turning pit bulls into vicious animals that have to be put down. The pit bulls I’ve met have been friendly, happy dogs, rolling over so you can scratch their tummies.

James Fulford writes: I’ve said that ”blacks are much more likely to hate and mistreat dogs than whites, as Michael Vick or Malcolm X could tell you.” There actually is an almost extinct white culture of dogfighting, and I remember reading white Southern writer Harry Crews’ story about it in Esquire in 1979. But Crews said that the dogs almost never died:

I’ve been around dogfights all my life and I’ve never seen a dog killed in the pit. I don’t say it doesn’t happen, just that I’ve never seen it. . . . Every fight between pit bulls I’ve seen . . . has been fought by what are called Louisiana rules, which means that the dog does not have, as breeders say, “to take his killing.” All he has to do is “to cur out.”
A Day at the Dogfights, by Harry Crews, Esquire, February  27, 1979

By contrast, the MSN/WaPo story above includes horrific details of dogs being mistreated and killed (as in the Michael Vick case):

Investigators found battery jumper cables, which allegedly were used to execute dogs at Moorefield’s house, along with five pit bull-type dogs at his house and five pit bull-type dogs at Flythe’s house, court records show. The FBI, the Department of Agriculture and other local and federal agencies raided both houses on Sept. 6, according to a federal affidavit, finding weighted collars and heavy metal chains used to increase fighting dogs’ strength. Authorities said they also found “an apparatus that is used for involuntarily inseminating female dogs” and stains “consistent with bloodstains from dogfights.” …

An affidavit written by FBI Special Agent Ryan C. Daly indicated that authorities have been investigating the dogfighting ring, which called itself “the DMV Board,” for years. Nine fellow dog-fighters were indicted in Virginia last year, and eight have pleaded guilty and cooperated with investigators. Members communicated on the “Telegram” messaging app about training fighting dogs, exchanging videos, arranging fights and wagers, and comparing methods of killing dogs who lost fights, the affidavit states.


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