A Reader In Queens, N.Y. Describes The Struggle To Resist “Refugee“ Plantation
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class

From: A Reader in Queens [Email her]

I read Patrick Cleburne’s article regarding the migrant crisis here in NYC, and as you pointed out, it is rather unamusing for those of us here in NYC. I’m over in Whitestone, Queens, and just across the highway from us in College Point, 300 migrants have been moved in. I share this story because my NYC Councilwoman is Vickie Paladino, and she has been very outspoken regarding the issue.

Councilmembers have no say over where these centers are placed. Originally, it was to be 300 migrant males. Vickie managed to negotiate somewhat, being told it would be 100 females with 200 ”migrant family members.” Which means predominantly single males.

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Now that this is up and running, there’s no accountability for the coming and going of the illegals (and if my observation of the coming and going of some of the female residents is any indication, many are already prostituting themselves). Lovely. On top of that, they get three meals a day plus snacks, most of which is thrown out. Trash pickup is twice a day, and the dumpsters are still overflowing.

I am an avid reader of VDARE and AmRen and appreciated Federale’s article on the rapes in Erie County. The name DocGo (the migrant contractor) sounded familiar, so I looked it up. They are the same company that provided COVID testing for the city. Interesting that they would be contracted with this, so there must be plenty of corruption on top of squandering taxpayer money. For $432 million, I would imagine we could deport a nice chunk of the illegal immigrant population of N.Y. state. But I dream.

Thanks very much for your work. The information has been helpful to my small political community in connecting some dots.

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