A Patriot Lawyer Says Mohamed Noor's Success On Appeal Means The Possibility Of A Reversal For Derek Chauvin
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From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]

I think the chances of Derek Chauvin’s convictions being overturned just increased this past week. Chauvin clearly did not get a fair trial. There was no change of venue, jurors were not sequestered, Maxine Waters made threatening statements, the prosecutor committed misconduct in his closing argument, etc. If justice still exists, Chauvin should get a new trial, but that may be difficult considering the politicization of the judiciary.

However, there was a development this week that made me think that the Minnesota courts just might do the right thing. Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor had one of his convictions overturned a few days ago [US court overturns murder conviction of police officer who shot Justine Damond, AP, September 15, 2001]. He was the Somali officer who unjustifiably shot and killed a white woman.

See Diversity-Hire Somali Killer Cop Convicted of 3rd Degree Murder, by Steve Sailer in 2019.

I suspect that the appellate courts in Minnesota know that Chauvin deserves a new trial, but are afraid of setting off a new set of riots. They might be looking for cover. By giving this Somali ex-cop a break, they may be trying to soften the impact of a favorable decision for Chauvin.

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