A Patriot Lawyer Has Some Hope For The Youth Vote—They'll Grow Up!
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From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]

The midterms did not go the way the GOP anticipated. There were a few bright spots in Florida and in the New York City metropolitan area, but overall it was a fairly disappointing night. The results were especially bad for the GOP with regard to the youth vote, which went 63% for the Democrats. Here are the exit polls.

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However, the age cohort of 30-44 went for the Democrats by only 4 points (51%-47%). That is pretty close to parity, and somewhat impressive considering that this same group of voters gave President Obama 66% and 60% of their votes in 2008 and 2012, respectively, when they were the youth vote. So, voters appear to be more willing to vote for the GOP as they age·—at least according to these data.

At this point, I will take any amount of good news I can find.

White youths went 58-40 for Democrats. Hispanics went 68%, and blacks went 89%. So it is not just the existence of an increasingly diverse electorate that is dragging down the GOP with young voters. It is across the board.

That is why the change in attitudes of the 30-44 age cohort (which is still fairly diverse) over the last 10 to 15 years gives me at least some minimal hope.

My best guess—the poisoning from academic institutions plays a role, but this dissipates as people get older and are farther removed from it.

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