A Canadian Reader Says Now Canada’s BOY SCOUTS Are Apologizing For Genocide
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From: ”Johnny Canuck”  [Email him]

The latest group to apologize to Canadian Indians for genocide, etc. are the Canadian Boy Scouts, who feel shame that in the 20th century, Canadian volunteers brought Scouting to reservations and Indian schools.

Scouts Canada issues apology for role in ‘historical harm’ on Indigenous Peoples, by Tamara Pimentel, October 05, 2023

Scouts Canada has issued an apology for its role in the eradication of First Nation, Inuit and Metis people for more than a century.

“We are sincerely sorry for the historical harm we believe we have inflicted on the Indigenous children, families, communities and nations,” Scouts Canada CEO, Liam Burns announced to Indigenous representatives in Winnipeg.

Scouting was prominent in Canada’s residential and day school systems. It was the program of choice used alongside the church to strip Indigenous youth of their identities.

“It has been used as a way to tell young people with Indigenous backgrounds that they should be someone different, that their values should be something given to them, not from their ancestors or their people, but from an outside organization,” Burns said.

“It took things like land stewardship and skills and beliefs and tried to claim it as our own rather than something that their peoples have looked after for time immemorial,” Burns said.

Damon Johnston of the Aboriginal Council in Winnipeg said the apology is “a good step forward.” He said he had positive experiences as a youth in Scouts but wasn’t aware of the program’s origins. He said the apology will educate the youth currently enrolled.[More]

I’m a white Canadian, and many years ago, I went to Cubs and Boy Scouts at a Toronto church, and I also went to Canadian schools. (This is called ”compulsory education” and most people go through it.)

I didn’t go to ”residential school” because my parents weren’t rich enough to think sending their children to boarding schools—which cost a fortune—was normal.

I don’t see what the Indians are complaining about.

See earlier letters from ”Johnny Canuck” who was born in Canada so long ago that he remembers when the flag of Canada was the Union Jack.

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