A Berkeley Reader On A Hispanic Family's Illegal Journey Through SEVEN Spanish-Speaking Countries To The U.S.
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From: A Berkeley Reader [Email her]

Here’s the Illegal Immigrant Sob Story of the Week, from John Woolfolk at the San Jose Mercury News:

A migrant family’s odyssey: 7,100 miles from Venezuela seeking new life in San Jose, by John Woolfolk, San Jose Mercury News, October 22, 2023

Question: How many Spanish-speaking countries with cultures similar to their own did this family pass through in order to reach the USA?

Answer: Seven—Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico. 

Note that Woolfolk admits that the U.S. had been their destination from the outset (”From their home in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, they set their sights on the United States, fearing if they tried to resettle in other countries along the way they would have difficulty finding work and be victimized by corrupt government officials or drug cartels”).

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