Post By John Derbyshire on 11/27/2021

Was Holdout Juror In Chemirmir Trial Black? Well, If She'd Been White, They Would Have Said So

Earlier: Why Is Immigrant Mass Murderer Billy Chemirmir's Trial Getting So Much Less Coverage Than Kyle Rittenhouse's? Speaking of juries, here was another one, at a mass homicide trial in Dallas, Texa...
Post By Federale on 11/26/2021

The McMichaels’ Trial Is Worse Than Horrible, It Is Precedent Setting, Affecting Anyone Who Defends Himself From An Attempted Gun-Grab

Earlier: This Month's Trials Of The Century: Don't Try To Grab The Gun The McMichaels' guilty verdict in the Arbery case is setting a very bad precedent, especially bad for law enforcement. Even the vi...
Article By Jared Taylor on 11/26/2021

How Horrible Is The Arbery/McMichael Verdict? HORRIBLE, For All White Americans

After Kyle Rittenhouse was found to have acted in self-defense during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there was some hope that the three defendants in the Arbery case might be acquitted. There are si...
Letter By Reader on 11/26/2021

A Norwegian Reader Points Out That There Were Norwegian Venturers In North America Before Columbus

Re: James Fulford's Wishes Readers A Happy (Politically Incorrect) Thanksgiving! From: Per [Email him] James Fulford stated that 1492 is the year that white people in general went to America....
Post By Paul Kersey on 11/26/2021

Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed From NY City Hall: "Contemporary Values" Means Statues Of White Male Founders Must Go

It’s all about ritualistic humiliation from this point forward, with virtually zero opposition from those who have been conquered without a shot fired. All because “contemporary values” favor the remov...
Article By James Kirkpatrick on 11/25/2021

Thoughts On Winston Churchill's MARLBOROUGH: HIS LIFE AND TIMES

Earlier, by Peter Brimelow: Manafort, Marlborough, And Robert E. Lee: Criminalizing Policy/ Personnel, Differences—U.S. Politics Regressing To The Primitive At Editor Peter Brimelow’s urging,...
Video by VDARE TV on 11/25/2021

Have a Historically Accurate Thanksgiving! | VDARE Video Bulletin

As Americans gather their families around the table for some turkey, the war on thanksgiving continues, as the left doubles down on the notion that Thanksgiving is a celebration of White-perpetrated ge...
Post By Steve Sailer on 11/25/2021

Triathlon Is Racist But Triathletes Are Good, Or Something

If there is anything New York Times subscribers like more than reading about bad white people being systemically racist, it’s endurance sports. As I’ve often pointed out, while anaerobic exercise lik...
Post By Steve Sailer on 11/25/2021

See, I Told You, "SUV Violence Descended Upon Waukesha"

Earlier: SUV Violence Descends Upon Waukesha Deleted by the Washington Post If it had been a white SUV rather than a red one, how many headlines would mention the vehicle’s color? [Comment at