Post By Steve Sailer on 10/22/2021

Modern Domestic Horses Come From Russian Steppe In 2200 BC

From the NYT science section: The Horse You Rode In On May Have Been Made in Southern Russia A comprehensive new paper tested 273 ancient horse genomes to pinpoint when and where modern horses were d...
Post By Steve Sailer on 10/22/2021

Blacks Are 8% Of The Population Of Multnomah County (Portland, OR) 40% Of Suspects In Gun Crimes

Talk about burying the lede. 68 people slain in Portland this year amid wave of violence: Police say that 18 dedicated homicide detectives aren’t enough, Oregon Live, October 9, 2021 PORTLAND, Ore. — ...
Article By James Fulford on 10/22/2021

THE FULFORD FILE: Face It—Pentagon Wants To Do ANYTHING But Defend America

Earlier by Washington Watcher : The U.S. Military Is Woke—Patriots Must Demand Court Martials, Forced Retirements As Ann Coulter noted last night, we’ve just learned that near the end of his term as Pr...
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The actual new scientific study the AJC is reporting on is fun: But in results published Wednesday in Nature, scientists presented what they think are new answers to this mystery. By analyzing the im...
Article By Patrick J. Buchanan on 10/21/2021

Patrick J. Buchanan: At NATO, Warnings And Threats From Biden Regime—Or Bluster and Bluff?

Before the NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels this week, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin took a side trip to Georgia and Ukraine. Purpose: Assure these nations that America has their back and encourag...
Post By John Derbyshire on 10/21/2021

Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 15: Systemic Collapse, Radical School Boards, Lawless Law Schools, Canceling Biology, And VDARE Goes To SCOTUS, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 15, 2021. Go here to read or listen. 01m04s  Slow systemic collapse.  (The whole shebang.) 06m31s  Radicals take over school boards.  (The tentacles of the L...
Post By Paul Kersey on 10/21/2021

White Professor Sues UCLA After He Was Put On Leave For Refusing To Grade Black Students Better Than Whites...In Memory Of George Floyd

To understand just how far the country has gone down the rabbit hole of George Floyd–influenced hysteria, there’s no need to follow a white rabbit. You won’t encounter a Mad Hatter or a Cheshire Cat, j...
Video by VDARE TV on 10/21/2021

Book Club Podcast: "The Sword of the Prophet" with Serge Trifkovic Hosted by James Kirkpatrick

Join the VDARE Book Club to hear the full podcast and read along with fellow immigration patriots and get exclusive access to monthly member's only podcasts:
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Why Does The NBA Subsidize The WNBA?

One theory: NBA players tend to have an unfortunately high average rate of doing bad things to women in their free time. The NBA subsidizing the Women’s NBA helps buy off the lesbian feminist movement...
Post By Steve Sailer on 10/21/2021

Deaf vs. Transgender

A reader writes: Dear Steve, I was amused to see your article today linking deafness politics to trans politics. As someone who was born mostly deaf, I’ve thought about these parallels before and con...