The Black Lives Matter Scandal—Is There A Pattern?
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Earlier (February 2021) by Steve Sailer: BLM Rakes In $90 Million In 2020

That the tiny VDARE Foundation is being harassed (without being charged) by New York Attorney General Letitia James is just another example of America’s increasingly notorious two-tiered justice system, e.g., America Has a Two-Tiered Justice System and the FBI Just Proved It, by Margot Cleveland, Daily Signal, August 10, 2022. Contrast it with the kid-glove treatment of the Ruling Class’s favorite cause: the St. George Floyd beneficiary organization Black Lives Matter.

On May 23, 2023, in a piece of real journalism, Andrew Kerr of the Washington Free Beacon permanently destroyed his chances of winning a Pulitzer Prize by posting Black Lives Matter Hemorrhaged Cash in 2022, Tax Documents Show.

Kerr, clearly a man to be watched, had had the enterprise to catch the filing of the Black Lives Matters Foundation Federal 990 statement [PDF.]

Subsequent articles on this matter broke down into two types:

Black Lives Matter risks going bankrupt after running an $8.5 million deficit last year, financial disclosures indicate.

Donations amounted to about $9.3 million for the period between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, while net assets stood at about $30 million. By comparison, for the period between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021, the organization reported donations of nearly $77 million, while net assets amounted to $42 million, suggesting a sizeable drop in both categories.

Subsequently the Regime Media has (of course) lost interest in the story. But the Dissident Media have begun to consider the more important question: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY?

Of these stories, the New York Post distinguished itself by powerful graphics in Only 33% of BLM’s $90M in donations helped charitable foundations, by Elizabeth Vincent, May 27, 2023.

The greater part of BLM’s disbursements were fees to consultants and contractors who were related to the founders and managers of BLM. For instance

BLMGNF handed out millions of dollars to supporters of its co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who resigned from the group in 2021.

Cullors’ brother, Paul Cullors…  company, Black Ties Security, Black Ties Security, LLC was one of the group’s highest paid contractors, earning $756,330 in 2021 in “security services.”… In 2020, the previous fiscal year, filings show BLMGNF paid another company controlled by Paul Cullors—Cullors Security LLC—$840,993.

 It paid $969,459 paid to Trap Heals LLC, a company run by Damon Turner, the father of Cullors’ child, in 2021.

More than $2.1 million was paid to Bowers Consulting, a company run by current BLMGNF board member Shalomyah Bowers, according to 2021 federal filings. Bowers’ firm received a further $34,800 in fundraising expenses, according to the latest IRS filing.

 BLMGNF spent $1.1 million on a Dayton, Ohio-based company run by the sister of one of its former board members. The cash paid to New Impact Partners was for “consulting services.”

Vincent also notes:

Some $12 million was spent on luxury homes in Los Angeles and Toronto, which the group said it would use for office space and special events.

Judging by the pictures, none of these properties are suited to events of any size—unlike Berkeley Springs Castle.

The NY Post story goes on:

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, an Oakland, California-based non-profit, gave away the $30,498,722 in grants to black, trans and anti-police non-profits in the fiscal years for 2020 and 2021, according to two federal filings which cover the periods from July 1 2020 to June 30, 2022.

That total includes the $4.5 million the group doled out last year to non-profits run by the movement’s own supporters and friends.

The non-BLMF gang recipients were all similar opportunistic Black grievance outfits. I am confident similar financial outrages will emerge in the unlikely event the regulators do their job.

So… massive fund inflows, followed by equally massive “privatization” of the money.

Just like Nigeria following independence and the contemporaneous oil revenue boom. See: Nigeria: Future Of American Cities?

This is an analysis of a definitive 19,000 word article Notes on Nigeria posted by Matt Lakeman on his own website on May 9, 2023. In it, Lakeman recounts how a reasonably prosperous African colony, blessed by a massive oil boom as it went independent in October 1960, has been plundered into a state of catatonic poverty even as the oil continued to flow. As Lakeman puts it

So, despite having an enormous amount of oil, the Nigerian people see little benefit. Oil profits are basically split between criminal gangs and corrupt politicians (but I repeat myself) who waste the oil money through corrupt patronage networks.

Then again, on May 4, 2023 I posted South Africa Today—America Tomorrow? And Why? This synopsized another long article SOUTH AFRICA AT WAR WITH ITSELF  by Michael Witkin [Lay Of The Land, March 29, 2023]. In essence, this is a cry of grief by a native Capetonian for the demise of his once exceptionally beautiful home city. He describes

…a society that has decayed and encased itself, enabled by a corrupt and incompetent government out for self-enrichment. A government that has sucked the marrow from the very bones of South Africa…

Nelson Mandela must be turning in his grave witnessing what has become of the ANC. A caricature of itself, this “movement for change” has itself “changed” having morphed into an organized criminal conspiracy, eviscerating the country of everything it had, and gutting its citizens of all they have left. 

(P.S. I dissent from Mandela worship.)

Could there be, for some reason, a pattern here?

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