Tell GOP Regents To Defend White America At Minority-Occupied Smithsonian Museum!
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Pictured above, in addition to the white male GOP Regents, are Smithsonian Chairman of the Regents Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey, and the Smithsonian’s Secretary (CEO) Lonnie G. Bunch III.

Last month, in Nancy Yao—Face Of The Great Replacement At Increasingly Anti-White Smithsonian,  I reported that Nancy Yao Maasbach (whose married name was suppressed by the Smithsonian PR flacks) has been appointed to be First Director of the new Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum.

The Smithsonian, now the largest museum in the world, was founded as a result of an 1829 bequest (£104,960 in sovereigns, $50 million in today’s money) by an Englishman, James Smithson, who never visited the U.S. but was apparently impressed by its democratic principles—an early example of the political reality of the Anglosphere.

Yao [Maasbach]’s qualifications for the Smithsonian job, probably the juiciest museum management position to come up in quite a while, are slender. She has very shallow roots in this country, being the daughter of recent Chinese immigrants. As a girl, she summered with relatives in Taiwan and Hong Kong and spent some years as a young adult living in Hong Kong. Since 2015 she has run the tiny Museum of Chinese in America in New York, which is only open one day a week. She has no academic qualifications in American History.

I concluded:

This appointment of course is a vicious insult to the probably thousands of better qualified white women, particularly of Founding Stock origin. They might reasonably have expected to head this major institution, which if it has any intellectual integrity at all, has to be primarily about the activities of their ancestors.

When reposted by the Unz Review, this drew an interesting reply from commenter “Priss Factor” (edited): 

…the white descendants of the ‘founding stock’ are among the most ‘woke’ and anti-white people around.

…. Take a poll among founding stock Americans, especially among the elites, on the big issues of the day, and they are the worst of the worst.

I replied:

As to the Yankee stock Anglos of New England and the Pacific NW, I agree. But not of the ”Scotch Irish” /Anglo inflow which populated the South and Appalachia, and their descendants.

The deep roots of this ideological division were brilliantly identified in Kevin Philips’ Emerging Republican Majority in 1969… Phillips envisaged future GOP victories DESPITE the loss of the traditional Yankee strongholds as presaged by their defection over Goldwater.

I added

… more importantly, the fact that the Smithsonian could easily have found abundant Left Zealots amongst Whites underlines that what is going on here is a racial conquest rather than an ideological shift.

No Whites need apply.

The 1846 Congressional Act which set up the Smithsonian stipulated a ruling Board of Regents. This includes six “Congressional Regents,” of which at present three are Republicans.

No doubt significantly, the three Democratic Regents consist of one white, one Hispanic and one Japanese-American. Their NumbersUSA Career grades  are D-  F and F respectively.

The 1846 act stipulated “nine citizens” should also be Regents. One is the Chairman Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey, who is black. So both the Chairman of the Regents and the Smithsonian’s Secretary (CEO) Lonnie G. Bunch III are black. Two others are also black, Kamala Harris and former Fannie Mae head Franklin D. Raines, meaning blacks’ representation is more than twice their share of America’s population.

In effect, the Smithsonian is under Minority Occupation Government. As far as I can see, even Jews are excluded. has been reporting that the Smithsonian has been moving in an anti-American direction for a number of years. See

Under the present Regime, this looks likely to intensify. And even leftist Whites are being excluded from employment.

American domestic politics are now about the division of ethnic spoils. And, whether it likes it or not (it doesn’t), the GOP is the Generic American Party.

I suggest that readers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Nebraska take the time to ask their Congresscritters on the Board of Regents what they are doing to protect the interests of the Historic American Nation at the Smithsonian, which was founded exclusively by their ancestors.

How about asking them to find the ethnicity of Q1 2023 new Professionals hired at the Smithsonian?

Time for them to wake up!

Email Patrick Cleburne.


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