It’s Big and It’s PRIME: Derb’s Double Dare Donation Up To $4,999
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12/29 UPDATE: Because of massive cyberattacks, we are experiencing problems with our online donation system, such that some of you may have your donations declined or find the captchas impenetrable. I urge you in this case to please contact me at or at the office by phone at 860-361-6231. I can make it work! NB: The Donate Page has instructions on how to mail an old-fashioned personal check.

A longtime Derb fan will match donations earmarked for John Derbyshire up to $4,999, which every Derbite knows is the prime number of dollars closest to $5,000. The donor writes: “Do it for the Derb, do it for VDARE, and for heaven’s sake do it for the love of MATH.”

The window for this prime offer opens on Thursday, December 28, and closes at 11:59:59 p.m. PT on December 31. The donor writes: “Act now while the quantity of your money lasts!”

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