DAILY DOT’S Claire Goforth Preparing To Smear VDARE.com; Editor Peter Brimelow Responds
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VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow writes: There’s apparently another incoming Regime Media attack on VDARE.com and our temerity in daring to find an immigration patriot conference venue after years of being Cancelled—this time by the fashionable Daily Dot webzine. The writer, Claire Goforth, has less excuse than most because she’s originally from nearby in West Virginia and seems to have its characteristic Scotch-Irish red hair. This is our email exchange.


From: Claire Goforth

Investigative Reporter | The Daily Dot | she/her <claire.goforth@dailydot.com> [Tweet her]

Subject: Media inquiry about VDARE and Berkeley Springs

Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Brimelow:

I am a reporter with the Daily Dot. We’re reporting on your impact on Berkeley Springs since purchasing the castle and relocating there. Through the course of this reporting, we have come to understand that you are associated with multiple influential people around town and that your presence there has been a source of division and discontent. People who view VDARE and both of you personally as racist, anti-immigrant, and white nationalist have said that they are concerned your presence will hurt the local economy and discourage tourism.

Accordingly, I have some questions for both of you:

  • How would you describe your impact on Berkeley Springs?

Completely positive. Townspeople love the Castle and have repeatedly thanked us for stopping it from falling down, which it keeps trying to do, and for making it available to the public for non-political tours and events, after a decade during which it was dark.

We were driven into the historic property business because communists like yourself repeatedly intimidated commercial hotels into breaking their conference contracts with us. But it’s backfired on you.

  • Do you have any regrets about moving there?


  • Brimelow describes himself as a ”civic nationalist.” How is this different from white nationalism?

“White Nationalism,” as defined by Counter-Currents Editor Dr. Greg Johnson in his book The White Nationalist Manifesto, means supporting an ethnostate for whites. I would define it more broadly as the defense of white interests in a multicultural society, just as Black Nationalists, Zionists, and La Raza Hispanics defend their ethnic interests.

I think both positions are legitimate. But the policies VDARE.com generally and I personally advocate—basically, an immigration moratorium—would benefit all Americans, particularly working class Americans, of every race. Because I don’t focus specifically on white interests, I can’t claim to be a white nationalist (as they occasionally complain). Thus I say I’m a civic nationalist.

  • Brimelow claimed that Hispanics specialize in rape, especially of children. Do you stand by that claim?

Of course. It is simply a fact that different ethnic groups specialize in different types of crime. Ann Coulter provided definitive documentation of the Hispanic propensity for child rape in Chapter 11 of her 2015 book Adios America. We discussed it further here: The Fulford File | Yes, Virginia (DARE), There IS Hispanic “Ethnic Specialization” In Child Rape. The Totalitarian Left Just Doesn’t Want You To Know.

Many would view this as racist--what would you say to that?

I would say “Bunk!” to that. Are facts racist?

  • Lydia Brimelow recently said on Dissident Mama’s podcast, ”My preference would be to avoid secession because I think the whole thing is ours, they can all leave.” Some might take that to refer to Black and brown people. Who is ”they” in this statement?

Lydia says:

”‘They’ are the people who are destroying the monuments of my ancestors as prelude to their ultimate goal of destroying the Historic American Nation, of which I am a daughter. In my view, secession in this context is vandalism on a great civilization. The Historic American Nation carved this country out of nothing. We fight for it as an act of devotion to those we love and to the country we love, and as an act of duty for the things our ancestors fought for. And we fight for our children.”

  • Do either or both of you want the country to split apart, which has also been referred to as a ”national divorce”? If so, along what lines: simply geographical, racial, ideological, or something else?

See above. Personally, I think that, on present course, it’s entirely possible that the U.S. will break up and/or that political lines will be redrawn across North America; or that the communists in the Democratic Party will succeed in establishing a unitary totalitarian state like the Soviet Union —which will also eventually collapse. Of course, all of this could have been avoided if immigration has been cut off as I advocated in my National Review cover story back in 1992.

  • At a Christmas event at the castle in December, Michael Edison Hayden was told he is not welcome there. Was this at your direction? Why isn’t Mr. Hayden welcome at the castle, particularly given that tickets were sold to the public?

The event in question was held by the Bath Christmas Project, a local charity that decorates the town and the Castle, and which now has its fundraisers at the Castle throughout the first week in December. They are entirely responsible for their own events and our family’s presence on the last night was completely coincidental. I am very happy that Hayden and Gais had to pay the Bath Christmas Project $130 to get in.

This is not the first time a communist has paid to infiltrate a Bath Christmas Project fundraiser at the Castle: The Washington Post’s Ellie Silverman did it last year. It seems likely to be a useful revenue source.

No-one asked Hayden to leave. He made clear in his article that he and Gais left “on our own volition.” [We Went to a Christmas Party at an Infamous White Nationalist Castle, by Hannah Gais and Michael Edison Hayden, Daily Beast, December 12, 2023]. I’m not aware that any of the Bath Christmas Project’s guests told him he wasn’t welcome, but this is West Virginia, Donald Trump carried our county by 52 points in 2020, and the market for communist perverts is distinctly limited.

  • What did Mr. Brimelow mean when he described attendees, as Mr. Hayden reported, as ”normies”?

I meant they were not political people. You will see from Hayden’s article that he failed to trap any of them into saying anything political that he could use against them.

  • How would you describe your relationships with Mayor Merki, Sheriff Bohrer (who was at an event at the castle in December), state Sen. Trump, and Charles Curia?

This is a small town and everyone knows each other. Apparently, Sheriff Bohrer attended one of the Bath Christmas Project fundraisers, which I didn’t know but am delighted to learn. Other than that, I’m not going to gossip about neighbors.

  • Did you write a letter to Morgan Arts Council demanding they fire Darren O’Neill because Mr. Brimelow was denied service of a beer at a concert last year? How would you describe what happened at the concert? Did you also threaten to sue in that letter?

This is a private matter, which was resolved to our satisfaction.

  • Is all the information on VDARE’s 2021 Form 990 on GuideStar accurate? (PDF attached.) It shows that Mr. Brimelow was paid $340,000 for working 10 hours/week and Mrs. Brimelow was paid $8,300 for the same.

If so, this is an obvious error. We are lucky if we work as few as 10 hours a day.

It also shows that VDARE loaned you personally over $100,000.

You’ve got this backwards. We personally loaned the VDARE Foundation $100,000.

  • ; two entities you control over $700,000.

These were intercompany loans between entities controlled by fully-functioning boards on which Lydia and I are a minority.

  • spent $500,000 paying employees of your business, Happy Penguins;

Happy Penguins was an employee leasing operation designed to protect employees against Cancel Culture. It took no profit whatsoever.

  • and that Berkeley Castle Foundation paid VDARE $120,000 to rent the castle.

You’ve got this completely backwards again. The VDARE Foundation pays rent to the Berkeley Springs Castle Foundation.

  • It is our understanding that at least some of this information is at the heart of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation. Do you think there is anything improper about being both your landlord and your tenant, as the rental fee suggests?

NYAG Letitia James refuses to say why she is investigating us, has not charged us with anything, and has repeatedly refused to meet with our lawyers to discuss the Castle purchase transaction. She appears simply to be trying to batter us to death with onerous subpoenas aimed at unmasking our donors, writers, and vendors.

The VDARE Foundation pays independently-determined rent to the Berkeley Springs Castle Foundation. The Brimelow family pays independently-determined rent to an LLC owned by the VDARE Foundation. Those monies are not then available to us personally, so we are not paying rent to ourselves. These arrangements were approved by our lawyers, who are ready to defend them.

  • Do you live in the castle, as New York has alleged?


  • You’ve both suggested that the location was in part enticing because of its proximity to Washington, D.C. How would you characterize your influence on the federal government?

On the federal government? In haste—because we are on our way to have dinner with a Congressman in DC—I think the Biden Regime has opened the Southern Border in a clearly impeachable way because it is panicked that an immigration crack-down is coming. We played a role in that.

  • Any further comment?

(NOTE: We didn’t have time to respond further to Claire Goforth, but she might like to hear from VDARE.com readers. Be polite.)

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of VDARE.com. His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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